1. Anonymous said: what phone do you have? photo quality seems shit lolll

    Lol what life do you have? Your life seems shit.

  2. Work 8-4:30, gym 5-7, party til sunriiiise

  3. Sushi w/ bird & Andrew

  4. Hurhur mwa

  5. Saturday morning w/ Jack n’ MP

  6. Niggaz

  7. My way of ending the week

  8. New job, new view

  9. Meat & Wine Co w/ illegal

  10. Grumpy barista w/ ☺️

  11. Midnight dinner night before my last exam w/ Bird


  13. On top of the world these days


  14. The come down has been terrible.. How have I been living like this.. Day by day, avoiding reality


  15. Everyone’s got family problems.. Makes me question so many things